Palestine Education for Employment and Makassed Hospital Graduate & Employ A New Group of Nurses


Palestine Education for Employment (PEFE), in collaboration with Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital, celebrated the graduation and employment of 40 newly graduated male and female nurses after having completed their specialized training in nursing, qualifying them for work in the Hospital.

The training consisted of two components. The first component focused on Workplace Success, which trained participants on professional ethics, communication with colleagues, teamwork, building self-confidence, punctuality, decision-making, CV writing, preparing for job interviews, and other basic skills that will assist them in obtaining and maintaining a job. The second component of the training was Technical Nursing Training, which included topics like Basic Life Support, communication between professionals and patients, professional ethics, patients’ and families’ rights, the reduction and prevention of diseases, and quality of health services.

The ceremony began with PEFE General Director Mr. Saro Nakashian welcoming the attendees and graduates and thanking all the partners involved in the project for their cooperation in the success of this training program in achieving its objectives. He added that this project comes as part of a series of training courses conducted by PEFE in partnership with Makassed Hospital, noting that PEFE has worked since the beginning of the year on the rehabilitation and employment of 50 male and female nurses in collaboration with Makassed Hospital and the East Jerusalem Hospitals Network. “

In turn, Makassed CEO Dr. Rafiq Husseini stressed the importance of this training program for new nurses, adding that anyone can study nursing, however, training is very important for them so that they learn the basic principles of communication and networking and how to deal with patients and their families because nurses play a very important role in the mental wellbeing of the patients. He noted that Makassed is very pleased that the new batch of nurses joining the Hospital has undergone this program, thus acquiring these skills, adding that the Hospital plans on repeating this initiative with all future groups of nurses.

For his part, Mr. Suleiman Turkman, Director of Makassed’s Nursing Department, praised the Hospital’s partnership with PEFE, pointing out that nursing is evolving as the requirements evolve and there is a need to keep abreast of these developments by providing different training courses for Hospital staff so that the nurses’ communication and networking skills are developed in order to build trust in the relationship between the patient and the health staff.

PEFE Programs Manager Areen Kiresh went on to speak about PEFE’s achievements in empowering new graduates, developing their skills, linking them with job opportunities and activating their social role in the community, adding that “since its inception PEFE has trained approximately 10,000 students, 72% of whom have been linked to job opportunities, and we are proud today to graduate and employ a group of nurses who are considered to be an integral part of the Hospital staff and who have great responsibilities.”

The last address was made by one of the nursing graduates Mr. Moaz Sweiti who delivered a word of thanks and gratitude to all those contributing to the program. 

At the end of the ceremony, graduation certificates were distributed to the nurses, with wishes of great success. 


 It is worth noting that this training program is carried out with the support of Alwaleed Philanthropies, founded by His Royal Highness Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal, and which has been operating for 37 years, launching and supporting projects in more than 124 countries around the world, regardless of religion, race or gender. The Foundation also cooperates with a wide range of educational, governmental and charitable institutions to combat poverty, empower women and youth, develop communities, assist in providing disaster relief and build bridges of understanding between cultures through education and awareness-raising.

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