Makassed Nurses Complete Critical Care Training at University Hospital of Wales

Jerusalem, 03/10/2017 – Makassed Hospital male nurses Ibrahim Helweh and Bader Ruwaidat recently finished their rotation training in the critical care units at the University Hospital of Wales in the United Kingdom. This training course, which lasted for one month from 20/08 until 20/09/2017, is considered part of the critical nursing core training programs to support care and safety global nursing activities and to help Palestinian nurses in their ability to use new experiences and equipment.
Helweh and Ruwaidat were sent by IMET2000-Pal under the supervision of the Continuing Education Department at Makassed. IMET 2000, the International Medical Education Trust 2000, is a British registered charity that aims to educate tomorrow’s generation of health professionals to a global standard of expertise. In their pursuit of accomplishing their goal they established the IMET2000-Pal to service health professionals in Palestine by promoting and supporting alliances between health and academic institutions within and outside of Palestine, advancing and facilitating exchange programs for healthcare professionals to broaden their skills, providing health professionals with lifelong learning via traditional training and electronic continuing education opportunities, initiating and supporting research programs for health related issues, and finally providing a rich access to networking opportunities, resources and products.
The training delegation was received by IMET2000-Pal CEO and Cardiff University neurosurgeon Dr. Malik Zaben, who stressed the importance of this training program, pointing out that this grant comes within the training program for nurses in the critical care units to improve the quality and efficiency of health service provided to the patients.
For his part, Mr. Naji Abu Ali, Head of the Continuing Education Department at Makassed Hospital,
expressed his hope for continued constructive cooperation with the International Medical Education Trust 2000, and expressed his thanks to IMET2000-Pal, represented by its CEO Dr. Malik Zaben and its Nursing Teaching Officer Mr. Fadi Zaben, who offered the opportunity for Makassed Hospital nurses to undergo intensive training at the University Hospital of Wales which is affiliated to Cardiff University School of Medicine in the UK, and which is considered the third most important teaching hospital in the UK.
Nurse Helweh stressed the importance of the training he received at the University Hospital of Wales, adding that the experience was very useful in scientific and practical terms, as it provided the opportunity for him and his colleague to access a completely different health system, and train on the latest equipment and modern technology, in addition to the examination of new cases.
In a separate story but which is also connected and part of the IMET2000-Pal scheme, anesthesiologist Dr Abdulsatar Ravalia who recently arrived from the UK to Palestine as part of the Anesthesia training program just finished his first rotation from 29/9 to 2/10/2017 at Makassed Hospital.
The program aims to support safe global anaesthesia and to help Palestinian colleagues in their ability to use existing ultrasound equipment to offer regional anaesthesia techniques to their adult and pediatric patients.

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