Makassed Hospital Inaugurates New Rooms for the Surgery & Internal Medicine Departments  

Under the patronage of Mr. Adnan Husseini, the Palestinian Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, and in the presence of Jerusalem businessman Mr. Samir Adel Aweidah, the administration of Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital inaugurated a number of modern rooms for patients, funded by Mr. Aweidah as part of the restoration and expansion of the departments of surgery and internal medicine. 

The renovation included the opening of four private rooms, the addition of nine new beds in the Department of Internal Medicine, and the setting up of new offices in the Department of Surgery, at a cost of 350 thousand dollars. The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in the presence of Dr. Arafat Hadmi, Chairman of Makassed Society’s Administrative Board, Makassed Hospital CEO Dr. Rafiq Husseini, Dr. Ezzedine Hussein, Head of Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology, and Dr. Tarek Barakat, Director of Makassed Society. 

In his speech, Mr. Adnan Husseini affirmed that Maqassed Hospital will remain the inexhaustible source in Jerusalem that keeps on giving and one of the most important pillars of the occupied city. He congratulated its administration and employees on this new achievement and praised the generous donation by Mr. Aweidah, who continues to support Jerusalem and Palestine’s national institutions. 

For his part, Mr. Hidmi welcomed the guests, commending Mr. Aweidah’s loyalty to Jerusalem, adding that the holy city remains in the hearts of Palestinian expatriates and stressing that Makassed will remain steadfast due to the efforts of its benefactors and supporters, the likes of Mr. Samir Aweidah. 

Dr. Husseini went on to express the gratitude of Makassed’s administration, its doctors and its staff for Mr. Aweidah’s backing which reflects his philanthropy and loyalty to the Hospital and the medical services it provides to citizens all over Palestine, and his support for the steadfastness of Makassed which faces difficult financial challenges, in addition to repeated violations by the Israeli occupation forces, especially recently. 

Mr. Aweidah said that his donation to Makassed Hospital comes in the context of performing ones duty towards the city of Jerusalem, its citizens and the hospital which has been providing them with the best services for decades, adding: “We are happy to be among the contributors in strengthening the Hospital’s resilience and as always we seek to revive the feelings of affinity and loyalty between the people of Palestine in the diaspora and our friends in the Arab Gulf states.” He also stressed that “Makassed remains always on our minds in spite of the distances separating us,” noting that he is following up on Israel’s harassment of the hospital, and assuring that this restoration grant will be followed by further support for the Hospital, as he is eagerly watching its successive professional and medical. achievements. 

In turn, Dr. Ezzedine Hussein thanked all philanthropic initiatives aimed at supporting the Hospital, which is in dire need of assistance from nationalistic businessmen, who provide the best example of how generous the Palestinian people is wherever it may be. 

On the sidelines of the opening ceremony, Mr. Hidmi presented a honorary shield to Mr. Aweidah in recognition of his continuous generosity. The visitors also toured the new rooms, while Mr. Aweidah expressed his happiness with the remarkable development and modern state of the art equipment used in the various rooms and Hospital’s departments. 

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