Makassed Hospital Awarded JCI Accreditation for Quality & Patient Safety

Jerusalem, 6/11/2017 – For the second time in three years, Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital has been awarded a Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation for quality and patient safety. The hospital had received its first accreditation in March 2014, an accomplishment which was considered a significant milestone for the Palestinian healthcare system thus providing further evidence for the safety and quality of its services.
The Joint Commission is a US-based organization that has established patient safety and quality service standards and goals for health service facilities. It is an independent body whose goal is to evaluate, accredit and certify health organizations after determining how well they meet health care standards, which are approximately 300 standards and 1,200 measurable components. With regards to Makassed, accreditation was renewed last week after the Joint Commission conducted several site visits to the Hospital in order to evaluate the implementation of these standards.
Makassed CEO Dr. Rafiq Husseini expressed the pride of Makassed Society’s administration and the Hospital’s Board of Directors for earning this achievement, noting that the employees’ continuous perseverance and diligence to provide the best was a key factor in the attainment of this international certificate which reflects the Hospital’s commitment to quality standards by providing the best medical and health services to all the Palestinian people.
Husseini asserted that the Hospital’s success in attaining the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of approval was the culmination of Makassed’s mission and its firm strategy aimed at improving all Hospital services and attracting medical competencies, in order to maintain the high professional performance of its medical, nursing and technical staff, and to work at enhancing their confidence so as to keep up and comply with international health standards, as well as to expand the Hospital’s departments and provide them with universal health standards, particularly in clinical care facilities.
In turn, Dr. Bassam Abu Libdeh, Medical Director at Maqassed Hospital, pointed out the importance of obtaining this international accreditation certificate, especially in light of the difficult financial circumstances the Hospital is going through. He added that Makassed’s success in being accreted and certified by the Joint Commission, based on the quality of care and treatment it provides to its patients, is proof of good management and the accomplished medical systems it applies, including procedures for patient safety, infection control, information and Human Resources management, the implementation of the Continuing Education programmes, as well as the high quality of work in its medical laboratories and its critical and intensive care departments.
Abu Libdeh also pointed out that this latest achievement constitutes a strong impetus to advance the methodology applied by Makassed aimed at developing preventive and curative care in order to achieve patient safety and to improve the level of services provided in the different departments and among the various medical specialties, including general surgery with its diverse specialties, obstetrics and gynecology, adult and pediatric intensive care, as well as other departments which provide outstanding services to patients..

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