Makassed Hospital Achieves Record Financial & Medical Figures in 2014 in Comparison with Previous Years

Despite Difficult Conditions in Jerusalem & Accumulated Old Debts

Makassed Hospital Achieves Record Financial & Medical Figures in 2014 in Comparison with Previous Years




Makassed Islamic Charitable Hospital achieves high figures in providing distinguished medical services in 2014 compared to the year 2013 and previous years, particularly in the number of its inpatients which reached approximately 16,000, compared with 13,000 patients in the year 2012 and 15,000 in 2013. As for surgical operations, the Hospital carried out 6,499 in 2014, compared to 5,857 in 2013.


Meanwhile, the Orthopedic Surgery Department scored the highest number of surgeries in 2014, which reached approximately (1,900), followed by the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology (1,335), General Surgery and Vascular and Endoscopic Surgery (850), Neurosurgery (640), Pediatric and Arthroscopic Surgery (550), and finally Cardiothoracic and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery (435). Most of these procedures are considered leading, innovative and distinct operations, many of which are exclusively performed at Makassed Hospital.


The number of emergency room patients reached 23,821 in 2014 compared to 22,468 in 2013. The highest number of admissions to the Emergency Department was during the months of July and August 2014, following clashes that erupted in the aftermath of the murder of Mohammed Abu Khudair. All these cases, which have exceeded 500, have been treated free of charge.


As for the outpatient clinics, the number of patients visiting them in 2014 reached 41,046, distributed as follows: Obstetrics and Gynecology (11,000) cases, Internal Medicine (7600), Orthopedics (7000), Pediatrics (4500), General Surgery (2600), Urology (1600), Neurosurgery (1500) and other specialized surgeries such as pediatric, cardiothoracic, facial, oral and plastic surgery (1900).


During 2014, 3,198 cases were received in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, 1,785 in the Pediatrics Department, and 1,248 in the Internal Medicine Department. Meanwhile, 1,065 cases were treated in the adult cardiac Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 437 in the Neonatal ICU, 433 in the adult ICU, 325 in the pediatric ICU, and 259 in the pediatric cardiac ICU.


Makassed Hospital was able to achieve an operating income of up to $46 million in 2014, compared with $34 million in 2013. As for the operating expenses (salaries, medicines, supplies, food, electricity, water etc…), they have amounted to $40 million in 2014, compared with $37 million in 2013.


Makassed Hospital CEO Dr. Rafiq Husseini stated: “The rising number of patients treated in Makassed, the diversification of income sources and the financial figures achieved reflect a very positive development in favor of Makassed, however, the Hospital has an accumulated debt of up to $30 million which should be settled at the earliest opportunity”, adding that “the Palestinian National Authority’s debt to the Hospital had exceeded $12 million by the end of 2014, which is not helping it in its attempts to emerge from its financial crisis… Failure to pay these debts compels us to borrow from banks at an interest rate of up to 7% in order to reimburse the medical companies and suppliers and to pay salaries, which increases the Hospital’s financial burden. ”


On the possibility of solving the financial crisis in light of the difficult conditions experienced by the PNA as a result of the freezing of its tax funds by the Israeli authorities, Dr. Husseini thanked Palestinian Minister of Health Dr. Jawad Awwad for carrying out the directives of President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah aimed at supporting Jerusalem hospitals, and wished that some Arab and Islamic countries would repay the PNA’s debts to Makassed and the rest of Jerusalem’s hospitals, as was partially done by the European Union and USAID last year.


Dr. Husseini noted that “the PNA’s combined debt to all Jerusalem hospitals for 2014 does not exceed $35 million, therefore we wish that capable Arab and Islamic countries will adopt and endorse the holy city’s hospitals, as did many Western countries, and reimburse the PNA debt in order to enable them to survive, remain steadfast, and continue to provide outstanding medical and surgical services for more than 30 thousand Palestinian patients from Gaza and the West Bank per year… If such a measure takes place, it will represent a very honorable Arabist and Islamist stand in support of Jerusalem and its institutions on the one hand, and in support of the Palestinian citizen who suffers from disease and oppression on the other. ”















General Statistical Comparison between the Years 2013 – 2014






15,063 15,912
Surgical operations


5,857 6,499


2,186 2,222


38,893 41,036
Emergency room admissions


22,468 23,821
X-Ray tests


43,288 45,353
Laboratory tests


416,701 410,898





Supporting Medical Procedures at the Hospital, 2013 -2014



Service/Medical Procedure


2013 2014
Pediatric catheter


57 188
Adult catheter


937 1,002
Pediatric ECHO


1,908 1,921
Adult ECHO


869 710
Adult gastrointestinal endoscopy


1,615 1,693
Pediatric gastrointestinal endoscopy 157 333
Physiotherapy sessions


12,877 13,362
Tests at chromosomes, partial genetics and metabolism laboratories 2,689 3,064
Neuroscience laboratory tests


881 931
Pathology tests


2,583 3,299



Patient referrals to Makassed




PNA referrals – West Bank


5,783 6,145
PNA referrals – Gaza


2,076 2,334
Jerusalem patients- referrals from national insurance and sick funds 4,008 4,261
Patients – at their own expense 2,001 2,067
Others (UNRWA, insurance companies)


1,195 1,105
Total inpatients


15,063 15,912

















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