Makassed Charitable Society Hospital in Jerusalem admits a number of wounded and injured as a result of the Israeli aggression on Gaza


In an interview with Panet website and Panorama newspaper, Dr Rafiq Husseini, Makassed Hospital CEO, stated: “Despite the Hospital’s financial crisis and its limited capabilities, all medical staff, operating rooms, and the emergency department are put on high alert and standby to deal with the serious situation in Jerusalem and Palestine, and to receive emergency cases and casualties that are expected to rise with the continuing aggression on the Gaza Strip.”


Husseini: “We are receiving the injured, free of charge and without referrals from the Palestinian Health Ministry”.


Husseini told our correspondent: “The Hospital is receiving the wounded in the Gaza Strip, especially children, without the need for any referrals from the Ministry of Health,” adding that “Makassed will bear all the costs of treating the wounded, free of charge. The Hospital, as well as some benefactors, are also bearing the treatment costs of some 160 injured Palestinians from the city of Jerusalem and its suburbs following clashes that broke out last week in the wake of the murder of Palestinian youth Mohammed Abu Khudair of Shu’fat village”.


Husseini stressed that the “management of Makassed Hospital contacted the Director of Public Relations and Information Department at the Ministry of Health in Ramallah, Dr. Omar Nasser, and the Director of the Referrals Department at the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Dr. Fathi Abu Warda, informing them of Makassed’s willingness to receive the wounded of the Israeli aggression, and the readiness of the Hospital’s medical personnel, employees and operating rooms to deal with various injuries.”


Husseini thanked all the residents of Jerusalem, who flocked in scores, to heed the call to donate units of blood to the injured in the hospital, adding that there are now sufficient blood units for use if necessary.

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