Human Appeal Australia Provides Makassed with Urgent Pharmaceuticals & Disposables

Jerusalem, 23/08/2017 – The charity Human Appeal Australia has provided Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital in East Jerusalem with urgent pharmaceuticals and disposables as part of a series of interventions aimed at supporting the Hospital, which it considers  one of the most important landmarks and institutions of the Holy City, in its continuous efforts to develop. 
The ceremony was attended by Al Aqsa Imam and Supreme Islamic Council Head Sheikh Akrama Sabri, Makassed CEO Dr. Rafiq Husseini, Sheikh Mohammed Zahra, Chairman of the Jerusalem Cemeteries Committee, Human Appeal representatives and Hospital staff.
Sheikh Sabri paid tribute to the unlimited and important support provided by the charity to the Palestinian people, specifically in the occupied city of Jerusalem, which he said, is in dire need of a lot of interventions and programs in order to strengthen the steadfastness of Palestinians in the face of Israeli attempts to uproot them in preparation for a complete Judaization of the city. He added that “the charity has generous imprints everywhere in this Holy Land; its glorious deeds are increasing by the day through its efforts to extend a helping hand to Jerusalemites and institutions operating in the city thus contributing to the strengthening of their steadfastness and enabling them to provide and deliver their important services to citizens”. 
For his part, Dr. Husseini praised the prompt response by the charity to the urgent appeal launched by Makassed Hospital in light of recent events in Jerusalem, in which the Hospital bore the brunt of the Israeli raids and shouldered the heaviest burden of treating the wounded. He noted that Human Appeal financed the purchase of emergency medicines and medical supplies worth 30,000 dollars for Makassed, which has been subjected to repeated Israeli incursions recently, resulting in panic among patients and staff. 
In turn, Mr. Ibrahim Rashid, Human Appeal’s Commissioner-General in Palestine, stated that “what we offer to the children of our Palestinian people is not charity or a gift but the duty of every Arab and Muslim,” stressing their bias in favor of the city of Jerusalem… He pointed out that everyone has an obligation to provide all forms of support to any institution, no matter how small, working in Jerusalem, adding that it is required of all Arab and Islamic institutions, and in the forefront Human Appeal, to do everything in their power so as to support the steadfastness of the Jerusalemites.”
Mr. Rashid noted that Human Appeal is pleased to contribute in the ongoing development project of Makassed Hospital, which is considered one of the most important landmarks in the city of Jerusalem. He added that given Makassed’s exceptional status as a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of patients from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, who are treated at the expense of the Palestinian health insurance, the charity is carrying out a series of programs and schemes in support of the Hospital, including the implementation of the “Makassed Caravan Project” aimed at procuring caravans for accommodating and housing patients and their companions from outside Jerusalem…
Mr. Rashid also asserted that Human Appeal had provided a sophisticated and advanced medical device to Makassed with eight functions, the most important of which is the extraction of platelets or plasma from the patient’s blood and then returning it, thereby saving the lives of dozens of Palestinian patients.
He then referred to other donations and projects such as the renovation and refurbishment of Makassed Hospital’s kitchen, the provision of chairs to patients’ mothers staying at the Hospital, in addition to a number of other programs implemented by the charity to support Makassed. 
He stressed that Human Appeal is keen to actively and effectively contribute to the expansion of its programs and projects in the city of Jerusalem through the implementation of a series of initiatives and schemes, in order to affirm its leadership role in carrying out the humanitarian mission entrusted to it and to strengthen its ties to the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Holy City of Jerusalem, thus alleviating the people of Jerusalem’s economic burdens. 

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