Course in health management in hospital purposes Charity

Of the Public Relations Department and the Department of Continuing Education and the Department of Social Work at the hospital Makassed Islamic Charitable Activities in Jerusalem, yesterday was the graduation of the participants in the session, who numbered 30 male and female participants.

Where they were holding the session in the health department in the hospital for the heads of departments of the heads of departments of nursing, administrative and technical in the hospital, and the session for 36 hours of training, and the session included various topics in health management and health planning, strategic planning, leadership and conflict management and career guidance, motivation, communication skills and time management. He has lectured in this session, a group of specialists in health administration and hospital management of Makassed Hospital. They are: (a. Yahya al-Rifai / Director of Public Relations Department, Wa. Ahmed Jadallah / Social Service Department official, Wa. Naji Abu Ali / Continuing Education Department official) and Al-Quds University (Dr. Mutassim Hamdan) and Hebron University (Dr. salary Jabari and Dr. Mohammed Al-Jabari / Dean of the Faculty of Management and Finance). The participants came out a number of recommendations and suggestions that are in the development of administrative and nursing sectors and departments in the hospital.


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