Almakassed College of Nursing

A brief history:

It seemed to work in the School of Nursing in 1974 and lasted until 1992 and graduated 400 nurses are qualified and are now working in different locations in the country. But the reasons compelling stopped working in nursing school for a period of time to come back and renewed in 2000, where he was the college licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education in Palestine in the same year as that the Israeli Ministry of Health granted the license needed for the students of the college graduates to enable them to operate in Jerusalem hospitals after passing so your exam


The emergence of the College of Nursing has gone through three stages:

the stage of planning, curriculum development stage, and then stage the actual presence on the ground in the city of Jerusalem.


The first stage: the stage of planning

Thinking in establishing the college began from the needs of the Palestinian people, especially the residents of Jerusalem for higher education in light of the social and economic conditions difficult under Israeli occupation, and was preparing a feasibility study for college study and work for students and staff by-laws and then submitted to the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education for approval.

Second stage: the stage of curriculum development

Been preparing lesson plans and academic programs and the adoption of scientific disciplines and the production of educational materials by teachers specialize and operators have high efficiency and highly degrees.

Phase III: Implementation Phase

After college obtain the necessary license by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education, where he began providing educational services in Palestine from the Holy City of Jerusalem, which incorporates dozens of students at the beginning then the number of students began growing, gradually in the following years to become about seventy students have exited the first constellation of college students in 2002, and so year after year continues to work at the college and graduate regiments after the other to supply the nursing home staffed by educated and entrenched science and faith and patriotism.

Aspirations of the future College of Nursing

Create a Search Science in Nursing within the College so that attract financial support from abroad, can also conduct joint scientific research with researchers Arabs and foreigners.
Holding more agreements and joint ventures with various universities and institutes and scientific centers at the international and regional level and so out of college was keen on the importance of the principle of scientific cooperation and exchange of experiences which contribute to the development and expand the horizons of academic and educational process.
Work to increase the number of graduates from the college in order to keep up with the huge demand for this profession by hospitals and health centers in the nation.