Donations by Al Quds Foundation for Development

– 23/9/2014


Al Quds Foundation for Development continues to launch welfare projects in support of medical institutions in Jerusalem, which is part of its general scheme to aid Jerusalem’s institutions suffering from poor economic conditions.


Al Quds Foundation for Development has provided emergency aid to Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem including special devices for the operating theatre, a blood gas analyzer and an orthopaedic bone drilling instrument. The medical equipment was delivered by Sheikh Fadel Wishahi, Vice President of the Foundation, and the staff of its social services department.


Makassed’s CEO Dr Rafiq Husseini and its administrative staff accepted the generous donation, welcoming the Foundation’s delegation and praising the important role it plays in supporting Makassed Hospital, especially due to the harsh conditions the Hospital is operating under and struggling with, such as  the scant budgets and threats of closure. Dr Husseini went on to thank the Foundation for its contribution to Makassed Hospital, especially the new devices, which he said would fill the great needs of the Hospital particularly in the operating theatre.


Makassed’s Managing Director Mr. Issam Akel noted: “We are honored today at Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem to receive our brethren from Al Quds Foundation for Development; these 1948 Palestinians are our people’s backbone in Jerusalem and the West Bank, and are always supplying us with aid”, adding that these devices donated today are very important for the treatment of children and patients.

Akel also thanked the Turkish Solidarity Association with Palestine that contributed to this funding and wished for more projects in service of Jerusalem, reiterating his thanks to Al Quds Foundation for Development on its important projects and previous donations including blood pressure monitors.


In turn, the Vice President of Al Quds Foundation for Development Sheikh Fadel Wishahi said “we consider Makassed Hospital a pillar and an extension of the inviolability of Al Aqsa Mosque”, expressing his great pleasure to cooperate with the Hospital in order to consolidate it and to strengthen the inhabitants of Jerusalem in their steadfastness. He then thanked, on behalf of his Foundation and Makassed Hospital, the Turkish Solidarity Association with Palestine for its generosity and solidarity with Jerusalem and its residents.


It should be noted that the handover ceremony was attended by the Vice President of Al Quds Foundation for Development Sheikh Fadel Wishahi, Makassed Hospital CEO  Director Dr Rafiq Husseini, and members of its Administration, including Managing Director Mr. Issam Akel, Dr. Samia Kurd, Engineer Dawood Atwan, and Dr. Suhail Miari.


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