The Aqsa Society & Islamic Relief Association for Ophans & Poor Provide Medical Supplies to Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, 25/09/2017 – Large quantities of medicine, emergency aid equipment and medical supplies were delivered to Makassed Hospital by the Aqsa Society and the Islamic Relief Association for Ophans & Poor (IRAOP), with the participation of a large delegation of the Islamic Movement from the occupied Palestinian territories of 1948. The delegation was headed by the president of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Hammad Abu Daabis, the head of the Aqsa Society Sheikh Safwat Freij, and IRAOP chairman Dr. Ali Al Kettani, and comprised also a number of Islamic leaders and activists from 1948 Palestine.
The delegation was received by Makassed CEO Dr. Rafiq Husseini, who thanked and highly praised the Palestinian people from inside the 1948 occupied territories for their solidarity with their brethren in Jerusalem and their support of the Holy City and Al Aqsa Mosque, asserting that such medications and supplies will contribute greatly to replenishing the needs of the Hospital, which has been suffering from acute shortages of important and essential materials.
Dr. Husseini also spoke of the critical situation and difficult conditions the hospital experienced during the most recent crisis in Jerusalem and around Al Aqsa in July 2017, noting the important role Makassed played in the treatment of the wounded and providing medical assistance to those in need of it.
In turn, Sheikh Abu Daabis noted that in accordance to Islamic principles “they are always ready to launch such relief work and campaigns and that they can always count on the benevolent Palestinian people to donate”.

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