Makassed Hospital Receives Portable Ventilator from Palestine Insurance Company

Jerusalem, 17/08/2017 – Dr. Rafiq Husseini, CEO of Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital, welcomed Dr. Mohammed Ishtayeh, Governor of Palestine at the Islamic Development Bank and Chairman of the Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR), who visited the Hospital accompanied by a delegation from Palestine Insurance Company. 

During the visit, the Palestine Insurance Company delegation, headed by Mr. Mohammed Abu Awad, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Bader Fatafta, General Manager, donated a Portable Ventilator to Makassed’s Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. 

Mr. Abu Awad conveyed the greetings of Mr. Kamel Ghafri, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Dr. Khalid Wadia, Vice Chairman of the Board, expressing the company’s willingness to provide more support to Makassed in order to strengthen its steadfastness and cover its urgent needs.

In turn, Dr. Ishtayeh emphasized that the city of Jerusalem remains the Palestinian government’s first priority, adding that it is keen to genuinely and radically contribute in strengthening the steadfastness of its citizens and institutions, in the forefront of which are Makassed Hospital and Augusta Victoria. He noted that the government has ordered the immediate earmarking of a budget for the implementation of various projects in the city, especially in the health, education and residential sectors, in addition to restoring houses in the Old City and assisting its local shop owners.

He stressed that Makassed Hospital is considered a national medical symbol in Jerusalem and the largest operating institution in the city, absorbing more than 900 employees, and added that Makassed’s continued steadfastness sets an example we are all proud of. 

Dr Ishtayeh went on to thank the Palestine Insurance Company’s administration and its distinguished staff for their donation to the Hospital, in compliance with their social responsibility, urging all companies to shoulder this responsibility in service of the country and its institutions.

For his part, Dr. Husseini expressed his appreciation for Dr. Ishtayeh’s visit and the latter’s  eagerness to learn about Makassed’s latest developments and needs, and thanked the Palestine Insurance Company for their generous donation, adding that the portable ventilator is considered an essential medical device in assisting patients while being transported between departments or hospitals. 

Dr. Husseini briefed the guests with regards to the repeated Israeli incursions which occurred recently, and the ensuing panic among patients and staff. He also described the Hospital’s latest medical and technological achievements. 

The visit ended with a tour of Makassed and its refurbished departments. 

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