Social Service

The Social Services Department offers a range of social, psychological and guidance services for patients admitted to Makassed Hospital and their families. The department consists of a qualified team of four specialized personnel in the fields of social services, in addition to counselling and psychosocial staff which oversees the department’s work and which consists of professional psychologists holding PhDs.


  • Offering many diverse and distinguished services to patients who suffer from bad economic conditions, and health, psychological and social problems and ailments, with a focus on the marginalized and disadvantaged groups.
  • Integrating psychological and social concepts with the medical concept, inside and outside the hospital, in order to upgrade the services concerned with public health and the patient’s physical, psychological and social state.
  • Providing psychological and social services for employees and their children in the Hospital.

Services Offered by the Department:

  • The department studies the social conditions of the patients, discussing the social and economic status of their families, after they apply for assistance, in order to make recommendations in this regard.
  • It provides psychological counselling to the admitted patient and his/her family, assistance in the process of accepting the disease and dealing with it, and helps them understand the effects of the disease on the patient’s life in the future.
  • It assists in the rehabilitation of the patient and his family, and takes the necessary measures needed for his return home, psychologically preparing the patient for any emergency health changes.
  • It coordinates with the other social and health institutions to help the patients or to transfer them to complete their treatment or rehabilitation.
  • It provides a recreational room designed to create a comfortable and familiar atmosphere for the sick child to get him out of his isolation and ease his pain, under the supervision of a specialized social worker in charge of following up the child’s psychological, social and educational progress.
  • It provides a library for admitted patients, adults and children alike, which contains more than 500 books in many disciplines, in addition to monthly periodicals.
  • It provides community awareness through the holding of courses, workshops, conferences, studies and research work, publications and manuals relating to the psychological and social aspects.
  • It organises recreational activities for patients and their companions during special occasions and public holidays, offering gifts to them.
  • It follows up on the suggestions and complaints of patients and their companions.
  • It supervises some of the Hospital’s volunteer programs.

How Can One Receive these Services?

  • By getting a referral from the medical staff inside inside the Hospital or from outside.
  • The person concerned can go directly to the Department of Social Services.
  • By getting a referral from another institutions.

The department can be contacted through:

Its main office, telephone number 6270281/02

The psychological counselling room, tel no. 6270225/02

The children’s recreational room, tel. no.  6270357/02

Email: [email protected]

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