Two dead and hundreds of wounded yesterday and today while the raid on the Hospital by occupation forces was the ugliest since the first intifada

The administration of #Makassed Islamic #Charitable #Society #Hospital in Jerusalem issued a statement reporting that two youths were killed today by live ammunition, while the number of injured Palestinians admitted to the Hospital between 12:00 am and 4:00 pm exceeded 100, in addition to more than 50 others wounded yesterday, some of them in serious condition due to injuries to the head, chest and abdomen. A great number of #emergency operations were conducted by Makassed’s medical staff  due to the high incidence of rubber bullet injuries.
The administration also stated that a large number of injured Palestinians were unable to reach the Hospital due to the siege carried out by Israeli forces on Makassed and which included the deployment of hundreds of soldiers from the border guards and heavily armed police and the excessive firing of tear gas and sound grenades within Hospital grounds.
The administration went on to condemn the storming of several of the Hospital’s departments by at least 50 border guards, including the emergency department, the blood bank, the surgery department and others in search of injured Palestinians, adding that Makassed has not been subjected to such atrocious raids since the first intifada. The statement also warned that clashes could have easily erupted between the soldiers and the medical staff within the Hospital’s corridors leading to injuries and deaths due to the excessive cruelty of the occupation soldiers, their ruthlessness, their lack of respect for international medical conventions and laws, and their unethical dealings with patients and medical staff.
The statement added that the Israeli occupation forces also assaulted a number of people, including blood donors, when they stormed into the blood bank, expelling both donors and employees.
Makassed’s administration called on the international community, the Red Cross and all international and human rights organizations to intervene urgently to protect the Hospital from these flagrant violations, which indicate and prove the Israeli forces’ unprecedented barbarism and their non-compliance with any international covenants.
The administration noted in its statement: “We feel in Jerusalem that we are standing alone in the face of unprecedented arrogance and brutality never witnessed before; meanwhile Arab and international voices have fallen silent, while some Arab governments are even racing to normalize relations and build bridges of friendship with an Israeli government that proved today – by giving consent to the entry of its fully armed and equipped soldiers into the Hospital’s operating rooms during complex surgeries – its inability to ever respect international covenants or conventions, medical staff, and the sanctity of Palestinian patients and hospitals. “
Makassed’s statement went on to thank the citizens of Jerusalem for answering the Hospital’s call to donate blood. It pointed out that more than 220 citizens have fulfilled their humanitarian duty and come to donate blood during the last few hours, adding that the Hospital will announce its blood donation campaigns whenever the need arises.
On the other hand, Makassed’s administration demanded in its statement from all the media and press to ponder while reporting the news especially with regards to the wounded who are receiving treatment in the Hospital, expressing its appreciation for their cooperation.

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