Palestine Education for Employment and Makassed Hospital Graduate & Employ A New Group of Nurses

Jerusalem, 04/03/2018 – Palestine Education for Employment (PEFE), in collaboration with Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital, celebrated the graduation and employment of 25 newly graduated nurses after having completed their specialized training in nursing, qualifying them for work in the Hospital.
This program is part of a series of training courses conducted by PEFE in collaboration with Makassed Hospital. This strategic partnership aims at qualifying the new medical staff with the skills required to work in the Hospital, while presenting them with employment opportunities and activating their social role. PEFE, in collaboration with Makassed Hospital and the East Jerusalem Hospitals Network, has so far managed to qualify and employ over 100 male and female nurses.
The training consists of two components. The first component focuses on Workplace Success, which trains participants on professional ethics, communication with colleagues, teamwork, building self-confidence, punctuality, decision-making, CV writing, preparing for job interviews, and other basic skills that will assist them in obtaining and maintaining a job. The second component of the training is Technical Nursing Training, which includes topics like Basic Life Support, communication between professionals and patients, professional ethics, patients’ and families’ rights, the reduction and prevention of diseases, and quality of health services.
The ceremony began with Mr. Naji Abu Ali, Head of the Continuing Education Department at Makassed Hospital, welcoming the attendees and the graduates, stressing the importance of the partnership with PEFE and thanking both the lecturers and the trainers who played a major role in the success of this training program and the achievement of its objectives.
Dr. Bassam Abu Libdeh, Acting Executive Director of Makassed, praised the partnership with PEFE and thanked it for providing this great opportunity to the nurses, which added a lot to their skills in the workplace. He noted that Makassed Hospital is very pleased to cooperate again with PEFE and to carry out such training courses because the empowerment of these graduating students rests on the shoulders of the Hospital and civil society institutions.
PEFE General Director Mr. Saro Nakashian stated that his foundation focuses on supporting women and young people in Palestinian society so as to broaden their personality, develop their skills and help them secure employment that will ensure a better future for them. He thanked Makassed Hospital for their continuous cooperation in implementing projects that aim to support new graduates and assist them in finding their first job.
Ola Khalil, one of the participants in the training program, expressed her gratitude to PEFE and Makassed Hospital for providing her and her colleagues with this opportunity, adding: “I have benefited greatly from this training, especially the Workplace Success Training. It helped me transform the theoretical knowledge I learnt at university into practical application thus enhancing the opportunity for development in my field”.
At the end of the ceremony, graduation certificates were distributed to the nurses, with wishes of great success.

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