Makassed’s Laparoscopic Surgery Team Excels Anew by Successfully Performing Qualitative Eradication of Esophageal Tumor

Jerusalem, February 15, 2018 – The laparoscopic surgery team at Makassed Islamic Charitable Hospital successfully performed an operation on a 20-year-old male, removing a benign tumor from his esophagus through the use of a uniportal thoracoscopy procedure.
The operation was conducted by Dr. Abdullah Hawari, a specialist in laparoscopic surgery at the Hospital, and Dr. Firas Abu Akr, a specialist in laparoscopic thoracic surgery. During the procedure the tumor was removed from the patient’s esophagus through a 3 cm incision.
The patient had been diagnosed by Dr. Walid Suwaidan, gastrointestinal diseases consultant, after carrying out a gastroscopy and discovering a 9 centimeter long tumor.
Dr. Abu Akr stated that the procedure of removing the tumor from the esophagus laparoscopically is a rare, qualitative and more accurate one. He noted that it is being performed for the first time in Palestinian hospitals, thus replacing traditional surgery and avoiding complications, while accelerating the patient’s recovery and his return to normal life. He pointed out that the uniportal thoracoscopy has the advantage of carrying out the procedure by cutting only one incision unlike the traditional multiportal laparoscopy method of cutting 3 to 4 incisions into the patient’s chest in order to perform the operation.
In turn, Dr. Hawari confirmed that the surgical team at Makassed Hospital is fully equipped to perform a great number of laparoscopic operations which is considered a major surgical development that helps patients avoid suffering from postoperative pain, making it in demand and very popular among patients. These positive results are the outcome of Makassed medical staff’s achievements in scientific development and its high-level medical efficiency. The availability of this advanced technology and others has put Makassed in a position of excellence and at the forefront of other hospitals in Palestine and the whole region.
Dr. Hawari and Dr. Abu Akr concluded by extending their thanks and appreciation to the medical, nursing and technical staff from all departments and to the anesthesiology team consisting of Dr. Alaa Muslih, Dr. Thaer Abu Amer and supervised by Dr. Adnan Farhud, who have all contributed to the success of the procedure which took less than two hours to perform.

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