Makassed’s College of Nursing Celebrates the Graduation of its 3rd Batch of BS Nursing Graduates 2015/2016



Makassed Islamic Charitable Hospital’s College of Nursing celebrated the graduation of 33 students, its 3rd batch of BS graduates for the academic year 2015/2016. Present at the graduation ceremony were Mr. Adnan Husseini, Minister for Jerusalem Affairs and its governor, Dr. Arafat Hidmi, Chairman of Makassed’s Administrative Board, Makassed Hospital CEO and Nursing College Dean Dr. Rafiq Husseini, and College principal Professor Jamil Shqeirat, in addition to College faculty and department heads, Hospital staff and families of the graduating students.



Mr. Adnan Husseini began the ceremony by congratulating the graduates, stressing the importance of extending continued support to Jerusalem and its national institutions, chiefly to Makassed Charitable Society and the institutions it administers,  notably the Hospital and the College, which provide to the Jerusalemites and the Palestinian community at large the best medical and educational services, graduating qualified and competent  doctors and nurses.


In his speech,  Dr Arafat Hidmi expressed the pride of  Makassed Society’s board and the College’s Board of Trustees in the graduation of the 3rd batch of BS nursing students. He emphasized  the great sense of achievement he has in the academic and educational role played by Makassed Society, represented by the College, which was founded as a school of nursing in 1974, passing through various stages of growth and development culminating in the College receiving, in the year 2000, full accreditation from the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education thus becoming a university college granting its graduates a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing following four years of study.


In turn, Dr Rafiq Husseini congratulated the graduates and their relatives, reviewing the different stages the creation of the Nursing College went through from planning, to development, to preparation – while simultaneously facing the challenges and difficulties the city of Jerusalem experienced, and is still experiencing – leading up to the final stage of becoming a real presence on Jerusalem soil once the devising of  its curricula, courses and training programs was completed.


Dr. Husseini also called for concerted efforts to be exerted  in order  to mobilize more support for Makassed Hospital which is considered the leading teaching and referral hospital in Palestine, and which embraces medical trainees, doctors and nurses alike, from all over the country.


For his part,  Suleiman Turkman, Director of Makassed’s Nursing Department  and head of the Palestinian Nursing Association, highlighted the importance of this medical and scientific edifice remaining in the heart of Jerusalem, and expressed his happiness with the College’s successive batches of yearly graduates, with distinct skills and competencies, praising the role of the College’s faculty members and administrators who work honestly and responsibly.


As for Professor Jamil Shqeirat, he commended the continuing support for the College of Nursing and the efforts deployed to further its development by Makassed Society’s board, the Hospital’s administration, the Departments of Nursing and Education and all Jerusalem hospitals who give college students the opportunity to practice in their different departments, and then to work there after they graduate.


The students’ commencement speech was given by Baha’ Kulaibiyeh and was followed by the screening of a  reportage about students’ activities at the College during the four years they spent there, in addition to a Dabka dance performance and a comedy sketch carried out by the graduates.


At the end of the ceremony the graduates took  the nursing oath accompanied by Professor Issam Daghlass, and then the diplomas were distributed  to the following students: Abrar Ibrahim Hussein Abu Gheith, Ahmed Shadi Ahmed Odeh, , Issra’ Ayman Mohamed Kamel Abu Sneineh, Asil Salaheddin Musa Hammad, Afnan Imad Said Abu Tair, Ala’ Mohamed Ismail Abu Khudair, Aya Mohamed Abdel Hamid Mubarak, Baha’ Khaled Abdel Moneim Tarshan, Baha’ Ali Daoud Kulaibiyeh, Tasneem Nader Abdel Jabbar Abu Afifa, Hamza Raed Mohamed Albarakaa, Sundus Baha’i Abdul Majid Abdeen, Sundus Tayseer Jabr Rajoub, Siham Jamil Khalil Shehada, Sabrin Issam Azmi Awadallah, Sabrin Ali Saleh Assal, Tariq Faris Abdelrahman Hijjah, Ala’ Jawad Khalil Jabber, Ghadir Mohamed Farhat, Mannaa Abu Sariyya, Marwa Nabil Mustafa Abu Sneineh, Manar Ghaleb Mohamed Tawil, Hana Abdul Ghani Mohamed Atiyyeh Al  Zaro, Yara Mohamed Jamil Silwadi, Abeer Yasser Khalil Muqbil, Rawan Saleh Jamal Fawaqa, Doa’ Aziz Mohamed Hussein, Rawan Aziz Ali Mashaal, Maram Yusuf Ali Halasa, Hana Abdul Rahman Nasri Abu Tair, Manar Saleh, Fatima Bassam Musa Siyaj, Heba Khaled Musa Awadallah, Heba Saee Juma Farrukh.


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