Austrian Delegation Visits Makassed Society’s Al Aqsa Mosque Clinic

JERUSALEM, 4/12/2017 – A delegation from the Austrian Consulate General visited Makassed Islamic Charitable Society’s Al Aqsa Mosque Clinic, formerly known as the Austrian Clinic.
The delegation toured Al Aqsa Mosque Clinic and examined the medical services provided to the residents and visitors of the old city of Jerusalem. Dr. Arafat Hidmi, Chairman of Makassed’s Administrative Board and Dr. Tarek Barakat, Director at Makassed Society, provided a detailed explanation of the clinic’s activities and the development of its medical services in recent years, in addition to describing the links that bind it to Makassed Hospital.
The Representative of Austria to the State of Palestine, Dr. Andrea Nasi, confirmed his country’s readiness to provide financial and scientific support for the development and equipping of the clinic. He expressed his happiness at the visit, praising the clinic’s growth under the management of Makassed Society, which has been running it since the year 2000.
The delegation of the Austrian Consulate consisted of 30 personalities working in the health and academic fields in the Republic of Austria, as well as Mr. Maher Daoudi, representative of the Swedish Consulate General in East Jerusalem.

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