A First in Palestine – Makassed Performs a Rare Vascular Surgery


A team of vascular surgery specialists at Makassed Hospital’s Department of General Surgery has succeeded in performing an Aneurysmectomy, an advanced, innovative and rare procedure, consisting of removing venous blood from the pelvis of a 53-year-old patient who has been suffering from a massive venous blood sac (15 cm long and 10 cm wide) in his external pelvis, as a result of being hit by several shrapnel fragments in the abdomen and thigh 20 years ago.

Dr. Haitham Hassan, Head of the Department of General Surgery and vascular surgeon specialist, stated that this procedure is considered innovative in the treatment of the patient’s very rare condition, adding that only 10 such cases have been documented worldwide while it’s the first of its kind in Palestine. He noted that the patient’s shrapnel injuries subsequently resulted in an arteriovenous fistula, which was initially treated by placing a stent to block the blood flow. However, the patient returned several years later complaining of acute pain in the lower right side of the abdomen.

Dr. Hassan said the surgery of the patient, who had been referred for treatment at Makassed, was successful and was performed through the posterior abdominal membrane, without having to open the abdominal or pelvic cavity in order to avoid complications, especially in the bowel area. He added that the venous circulation was restored to normal without any adverse reactions to the procedure. 

Dr. Hassan asserted that the team of vascular surgery had provided the patient with a detailed explanation of his condition and health status prior to the surgery, noting the complications that might arise as a result of the surgery such as the occurrence of a venous thrombus due to the lack of blood flow from the leg to the heart or the bursting of the blood sac leading to abdominal bleeding. He added, however, that the surgery was performed successfully thanks to the close cooperation between the Hospital’s medical, nursing and technical staff.

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