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Future Development Projects

  • Construction of a tunnel connecting the two departments of neurosurgery and emergency

  • Processing of the second operating room of Neurology Department

  • Rehabilitation and equipping the emergency department and it’s equipment and devices

  • Furnishing 4 new rooms in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Equip the Intermediate care unit for the children’s heart

  • Development of Genetics laboratory

  • Additional building consist of three floors to expand the operation, intensive care and management departments

  • Develop the operations section and expand the recovery area and stores inside

  • Expanding the adult cardiac intensive care unit; adding and furnishing 4 rooms for the department

  • Renovation and modernization of pediatric intensive care

  • Modern surgical instruments, especially for the departments of neurosurgery and general surgery for endoscopy, Orthopedic surgery, Gynecology and cardiac surgery

  • Extending and furnishing the Department of Radiology

  • Build additional rooms in pediatric and orthopedic sections

  • Construction of additional rooms in the departments of Neonatal, general surgery and internal midicine

  • Construction of a solar power station in Jericho. The proceeds of the project are to reduce electricity expenses in the hospital

  • Modernization of hospital facades and gardens

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