A Rare Pancreatic Laparoscopic Resection Surgery Performed at Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital





A team of laparoscopic surgery specialists at Makassed Hospital’s Department of General Surgery has succeeded in performing an advanced, innovative and rare 90-minute surgical procedure to laparoscopically remove the pancreas of a woman in her forties after having been diagnosed with a cancerous mass in the tail of the pancreas.


Dr. Abdullah Hawari, head of the laparoscopy division at the Department of General Surgery, who supervised the procedure, stated that after conducting the necessary screening and radiological imaging tests on the patient who had been suffering from acute pain in the lower abdomen, a procedure was performed to remove the peripheral part of the pancreas, thus excising its neck, body and tail by using an interventional laparoscopic technique through four small holes instead of performing a surgical incision.


He added: “What distinguishes this procedure is that we were able to safeguard the spleen, whereas in the past the resection of the pancreas also meant the spleen’s removal, given the extreme difficulty in maintaining the blood vessels feeding it. As for the surgical incision, it would have been made in the abdomen and would have exceeded twenty centimetres in length.”


Dr. Haitham Hassan, Head of the Department of General Surgery noted that “the success of this advanced surgery is part of a series of continuous achievements accomplished by the department. He added that “thanks to the outstanding medical capabilities of the Hospital and in fulfilment of its administration’s goals and under its direction, this modern and innovative procedure is currently being carried out at home by Palestinian doctors, reiterating that this interventional endoscopic technology, which is one of the latest medical technologies worldwide, is being used in a large number of advanced and high quality surgeries at Makassed Hospital.


Dr Hassan expressed his pride in the Department’s medical staff and their high level scientific and medical development and achievements in order to realize Makassed Hospital’s goals of developing its medical and therapeutic services which aim to serve Palestinian citizens all over the country. Dr Hassan also hailed the accomplishments of the medical staff who performed the surgery, mainly Dr. Abdullah Hawari, Dr. Mohamed Maree, general surgical specialist, and Dr. Omar Abu Zaida, in addition to the momentous efforts exerted by the nursing and technical staff in various sections of the Hospital.


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