The Pathology Department


The Pathology Department or that of tissue and histopathology is considered one of the vital and very essential ones for the diagnosis of different pathological conditions. It is one of the major and distinguished departments at the national level, receiving most of the surgical specimens and different body fluid samples, and conducting resorption tests through the use of needles, amounting to nearly 3000 samples per year. In the tissue laboratory some important tests are run which include different immunofluorescent and immunological tests. The department hopes that in the near future it will introduce genetic testing for tumors. Since Makassed in general is one of the referral hospitals nationwide its histopathology department has acquired diversity in the surgical specimens that are examined in the anatomy laboratory, in particular those concerning the examination of brain tumors and others, as they are diagnosed very meticulously and accurately.  The department is hoping, through the hospital’s development plan, to introduce the sophisticated communication system, which is currently being utilized through the World Wide Web, in order to connect with colleagues abroad, in some complex cases.