Biomedical Engineering

Main Tasks:

  • Establishing and maintaining an effective strategy for the management and preventive maintenance of medical equipment in the hospital, and also supervising the application of this strategy by the engineers and technicians of the department.
  • Preparing and following-up on requests for spare parts manufactured by foreign factories and then testing and assembling them once received.
  • Purchasing spare parts from the local market.
  • Planning, in advance, the accurate technical specifications of the medical devices to be purchased, taking into account the objective of the purchase and its application.
  • Participating in all the processes related to installation, purchase and pricing of Makassed’s new medical devices.
  • Providing the Hospital’s medical staff with a technical guide regarding the safe use of all medical devices in order to ensure their safety and the safety of patients.
  • Participating in technical studies concerning the equipping of the Hospital’s departments and new medical centres.
  • Supervising the implementation of contracts concluded between Makassed Hospital and representatives of foreign manufacturers in the biomedical engineering’s complex systems.




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