Department of Physical Therapy

Makassed Hospital was the first hospital to have introduced physiotherapy to its patients in 1976. For many years after that, it remained the only hospital in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem to provide this service. In 1985, the department opened an outpatient clinic furnished with the latest equipment available at the time and began to provide physiotherapy services to hospital patients and referrals. In addition, the department spearheaded and supported the teaching of physical therapy programs in various local universities and institutes, as well as supervising the students and providing them with the opportunity to benefit from the department’s services and capabilities, and the expertise of its staff. In 2010, the department began to offer new services by utilizing new devices and equipment which are able to cover all the cases and the needs of patients who require physical therapy, whether inpatients or referrals.

The Department of Physical Therapy offers at the present time the following services for:

1- Neck pains

2- Backaches

3- Joint pains

4- Bronchitis and pneumonia cases

5- Facial paralysis cases

6- Stroke and bleeding cases

7- Various post bone-fracture cases

8- Muscle weakness cases

9- Sports injury cases

10- Peripheral nerve injury cases

11- Pediatric cases

12- Rehabilitation of injury cases following road accidents

13- Rehabilitation of post open-heart surgery cases

All these services are provided through the use of the following devices:

1- Electrical Stimulation (faradic + galvanic)

2- Ultrasound (pulsed + continuous)

3- Short Wave Diathermy

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