Swedish Parliamentary Delegation Launches ‘Ray of Hope’ Campaign


A Swedish parliamentary delegation announced, during a visit to Makassed Hospital, the launch of its campaign Ray of Hope, which aims to raise funds for the benefit of Palestinian hospitals, first and foremost Makassed Hospital.


The delegation was composed of 4 MPs, representing a number of political parties, and Victor Samaina, from the Jerusalem Committee. It was headed by MP Marie Granlund, Chairperson of the Swedish-Palestinian Parliamentarian Association.


During the meeting, Dr. Arafat Hadmi, Chairman of Makassed Society’s Administrative Board, welcomed the guests, presenting a brief history of the Hospital and pointing out that Makassed has become the most sophisticated hospital in Palestine due to the efforts of its administrative body and medical staff, braving the current financial and political state of affairs which has not hindered the Hospitals’s work.


Makassed CEO Dr. Rafiq Husseini gave a detailed presentation on the medical and financial conditions of Makassed and its functions which include being the number one leading referral and teaching hospital in the nation.


Dr. Husseini presented to the delegation a detailed list of the Hospitals medical achievements in recent years, describing its ability to perform complex surgeries, in excess of 6,500 per year. He also pointed out that the hospital’s needs are increasing, particularly with regards to medical equipment and supplies, and certain medicines, adding that a number of the Hospital’s old sections needed restoration and refurbishment, while doctors and nurses needed further training to expand their scientific competence and expertise.


In turn, Victor Samaina, representing Stockholm’s Jerusalem Committee, stated that Swedish MPs have launched the Ray of Hope campaign mainly because hope in Palestine had gone missing, adding that what everyone aspires to is Palestinians being able to enjoy good health and education services. “Therefore, we have decided to begin our campaign by supporting Palestinian hospitals, particularly Jerusalem’s hospitals”.


Samaina noted: “We will launch the Ray of Hope campaign on both Arab and international levels, and we will start by enlisting support in favor of Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem, after having acquired full knowledge of the Hospital’s needs, so that we are able to implement our campaign from Stockholm to Jerusalem through the help of the Swedish parliamentarians”. He stressed that the first phase of the contributions to Makassed Hospital will be announced in a few months, after having collected and raised the necessary funds.


As for MP Marie Granlund, she began by expressing her happiness regarding the delegation’s visit to Palestine, and at witnessing the medical advances reached by Palestinian hospitals, stressing that Makassed is the most developed and sophisticated hospital and the one embracing the most patients from various regions of Palestine. She added: “We promise to offer the best to the Hospital, because supporting Makassed is considered one of the most important programs in the project we have launched”.


After the meeting, the delegation toured the Hospital, visiting the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Unit and the cardiac resuscitation and neonatal departments. They expressed their pride in the Hospital’s medical development and the global standards by which it operates, and their solidarity with Makassed against repeated Israeli incursions and raids which had occurred during recent months.


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